42A Walking Dead Zombie Holster

#42A Walking Dead Zombie Holster for REVOLVERS ONLY


This is an Original Tex Shoemaker and Sons Inc Designed Walking Dead Zombie Holster as seen on the Hit TV show.


Holster in the Pictures is a,  #42A in Black , Basketweave with chrome hardware, made for a Colt Python with a 4” barrel but the weapon used is a Colt Python with a 6” barrel that is why it sticks out the bottom of the Holster in the pictures. 


You can order your custom Holster today, please make sure you input all your information about how you would like your holster to be made and for which weapon you have.  You have the option of having the barrel stick out the bottom like on the show exposing 2" of the barrel, open bottom but the barrel not sticking out or have it closed at the bottom to conceal the barrel all the way.


Swivel holster with reinforced shank has a full 360 swivel when unsnapped. When holster is snapped in place it has a slight forward cant. Holster has thumb break. Belt slot for 2 ¼” Sam Browne unless specified otherwise. Comes with open trigger guard, can be made to be covered upon request. Smooth top grain leather remains relatively free of dirt, grit and facilitates fast and easy draw. Shoemaker Premium Leather is factory dyed for long lasting good looks.


* Please note that the holsters in pictures may not look the same for all weapons.

* Please specify make, model and barrel length of gun in customer comments.

* Holster can be made for most revolvers.

**REVOLVERS ONLY** IF you would like this holster for an automatic, order the US Holster it is the same but with a closed trigger guard.

** Always made in the USA**



Don’t be fooled by the fake replica holsters that are out there.

 Make sure you get the real original Tex Shoemaker Holster like

Ricks on the hit TV show The Walking Dead


Holster is on a Sam Browne belt which you also can order from us along with other gear. Please see related items at the bottom of page. 



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