H Duty Holster for Automatic Weapon

H High Ride for Automatic Weapon Comfortable high ride position fits snug to your body, gives you increased freedom of movement. This holster has the belt slots on the back. Slots behind holster are made for a Sam Browne 2 ¼” belt unless specified other.

Automatic: Comes with closed trigger guard for maximum safety. Holster can be made with a level 2. (Revolver: Comes with open trigger guard, can be made to be covered upon request. Please view the H High Ride Revolver.)

  • Smooth top grain leather remains relatively free of dirt, grit and facilitates fast and easy draw. Shoemaker Premium Leather is factory dyed for long lasting good looks.

* Please note that the holsters in pictures may not look the same for all weapons.

* Please specify make, model and barrel length of gun in customer comments.

* Holster can be made for most weapons

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